November Specials


Trinity Laser Package of 8:

Receive 20% off Plus a FREE Make-up Bag with mirror - while supplies last

Pamper Me Massage Package:

3 30-Minute Massages for only $90

Rejuvenation Sampler Massage:


Treat yourself for only $70 


NEW! Belle Lucce Body Glows

These Spa Experiences exfoliate from shoulder to toes, masque and hydrate the face, and finish with moisture applied to the entire body.

Tuscan Wine Therapy

This deluxe spa treatment boasts an arsenal of powerful age-fighters with Mediterranean olive oil, crushed grape seeds, blackberry fibers, mingling with  luscious red wine to gentle polish skin to a rosy glow. Your experience finishes with Mediterranean olive oil and red grape seed extracts, locking in moisutre full of vitamins and antioxidants.

75 Minutes    Special Price: $80.00    Regular Full Price: $95.00     


Asian Indulgence

A radiant complexion is revealed with crushed adzuki beans, powdered bamboo, and shitake mushrooms pairing with black sesame seeds and organic oils. During detoxification crushed freshwater pearls brighten as activated charcoal deep cleans, and pure ginger stimulates circulation. The complete process finishes with hydrating, nourishing oils, crushed freshwater pearls and real orchids.

75 Minutes    Special Price: $80.00    Regular Full Price: $95.00